Transportation Service Program

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence's transportation departments transports individuals safely and reliably between all of our programs and services!

Everyone is eligible for transportation

Our transportation department transports participants of The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence's programs and services, however, The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence also operates St. Lawrence County Public Transportation (Public Transit), and anyone can use this Public Transit for a minimal fee. Our buses are wheelchair accessible and we can take many special needs into consideration.

Delays and cancellations are announced on:

  • WSLB FM 1400 AM
  • WMSA 1340 AM
  • WSLU (NCPR) 89.5 FM
  • WPAC 92.7 FM
  • WYBG 1050 AM
  • WNCQ 102.9 FM
  • WPDM/WSNN 99.3 FM
  • Fox and News 10 (TV news streams)
  • Fox and News 10 websites
Jefferson County
St. Lawrence County

(315) 386-2600