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January 16, 2019

St. Lawrence NYSARC, a private, non-profit organization committed to maximizing the potential of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, received grants totaling $38,500 from the Trustee Management board of NYSARC Trust Services, in 2018. The funds were used to support local guardianship and recreational programs benefitting 1,513 people with disabilities.

The agency partnered with Candlelite Farms in Colton on a four-week Horsemanship 101 program. Laura Zellweger, a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) Certified Instructor and owner of Candlelite Farms, created a program that featured anatomy, various tack identification, proper bridle and saddle application, and general care of horses. Twenty participants of Freedom Reins spent time with the horses and cared for them by grooming, petting, haltering, stall maintenance, and leading. Equine history was studied by the group, as well as learning about medical needs for horses.
A large portion of the grant was used to create an enhanced recreation space at the Massena Day Habilitation. New floor mats and mirrors will be installed for Karate, dance, and exercise classes to support more than 50 people on a regular basis.

Additionally, the recreation grant gave 13 people the chance to attend the 1 World Foundation’s Gary Puckett concert at Bonnie Castle Resort in Alexandria Bay, N.Y. Funds were used to purchase a new boat and outdoor supplies for The Lodge a Dodge Pond to use on vacations and for children who attend Summer camp.

Finally, grant money supported hundreds of people with the purchase of projectors, music supplies, craft items, and laminators that will be used at five program locations in St. Lawrence County.

Guardianship services are offered by St. Lawrence NYSARC for people with developmental disabilities who would not otherwise have a legal guardian or advocate. Through this program, staff and volunteers are ready and available to assist as a standby or alternate guardian should the need arise.

NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that can make dramatic improvements to the lives of people with disabilities while enabling individuals to maintain eligibility for public benefits programs, such as Medicaid and SSI. For 2018, NYSARC Trust Services is proud to fulfill its commitment to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by awarding $2,778,500 in grants to chapters of The Arc New York, statewide. To learn more visit or find us on Facebook.

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In the photo: Crystal Delorme of Ogdensburg enjoying the Horsemanship 101 program funded by NYSARC Trust Services.

Crystal Delorme enjoys the Horsemanship 101 program

About St. Lawrence NYSARC:
St. Lawrence NYSARC exists as a non-profit membership association dedicated to full inclusion and integration for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities within our communities. The Agency’s mission is to offer individuals and their families an opportunity to achieve self-determined goals and provide life-long learning opportunities.

About NYSARC Trust Services:
Trust Services has administered supplemental needs trusts since 1972, helping more than 16,000 people with disabilities protect their eligibility for government benefits and improve their quality of life. Our trust programs give people with disabilities the opportunity to remain in their communities with greater comfort and independence while providing peace of mind to their family and loved ones. To learn more visit or find us on Facebook.
NYSARC Trust Services administers first- and third-party supplemental needs trusts, pooled trusts for income and resource (asset) protection, and individual trusts. When protecting settlement proceeds with a NYSARC Community Trust, we can also administer Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) accounts. For more information, please call (518) 439-8323 or visit us online