The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence envisions full community inclusion and integration for people with developmental disabilities. An annual membership for $1 helps to strengthen our organization and local services. Each individual member also enhances the ability of our parent organization, The Arc New York to advocate with decision-makers in Albany, and to fight for legislation that will improve the lives of people with disabilities.


Number of Years


Non-lifetime memberships last for one year, and may be renewed each year.

We would like to invite you to become a member today!  If you are a current member, we are asking you to not only renew your membership, but also to encourage at least one family member or friend to become a member.  Perhaps you would like to buy a membership for someone as a gift?  Giving a gift membership is a wonderful way to send a meaningful message.  

Would you consider becoming a Lifetime Member?

This one-time membership fee costs $100 and you will become a member for life, rather than having to renew every year.  The commitment from Lifetime members provides us with additional financial support for many essential services including; supported living, learning, employment, social, recreational, health, artistic and respite for families.

By participating as a member of The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence, you truly make a difference to the more than 600 people we serve each day. Please join us in our mission to enable individuals with disabilities and their families an opportunity to achieve their goals. If you would like more information about our organization, please contact Michael Capone at 315-836-1260 (Jefferson County) or Michelle Quinell-Gayle (St. Lawrence County) at 315-386-3529 or

  • Members provide clout! A large membership means that a louder and stronger voice is heard by state legislators and national policy makers.
  • Membership helps provide more individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families access to programs and services through fundraising and advocacy efforts.
  • Membership provides access to needed volunteers. As more volunteers are attracted to the agency’s work and mission, the Organization’s leadership base for the future can develop and grow.
  • Membership means a better informed public.
  • Awareness is an outgrowth of membership. It is the first step to creating society-wide acceptance of children and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
  • Membership dollars help fulfill the many commitments to those they support.
  • Membership dues help generate funds to get the job done locally as well as on state and national levels.

Why join?

  • Have a positive impact on the quality of life of people who have intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Networking and support.
  • Become involved with other families and professionals in the field.
  • Support innovative programs and services.
  • Access to up-to-date information on topics of interest and current trends in the field of developmental disabilities.
  • Attend training sessions and conferences at discounted rates at local, state and national levels.
  • Know that you are making a difference in someone’s life because Membership Matters!
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