The Foundation of St. Lawrence NYSARC

Basket Contest


Basket Contest Winners:

First Place: “The Great Outdoors” submitted by Miner Street IRA
Second Place: “Fla-Mingle All the Way” submitted by Program Supports and Services Dept.
Third Place: “O Christmas Tree” submitted by Corporate Compliance and Family Support Services

Basket Winners:

  • The Great Outdoors – Betty Vassmer
  • Fla-Mingle All the Way – Miranda Smith
  • Christmas Tree – Kelly Wood
  • 2020 Christmas – Leisha Murcray
  • Find Yourself on a Colored Canvas – Christina Cook
  • Gnome for the Holidays – Lori Freeman
  • Handmade Delights – Andrea Johnson
  • Have a Purrrrfect Christmas and a Grrrreat New Year – Denise Kingsley
  • Home Office Essentials – Ed Yerden
  • Quarrantine Kit – Cindy McCormick
  • Snowman and Family Tree – Jenny Yu
  • Surviving COVID – Kolby Weaver
  • Taco Tuesday – Kristin Smith
  • Unlimited Grilling – Greg Southwick
  • Viewing Party – Beth Clary

About The Foundation

The Agency and the Board of Directors is in the process of developing a Foundation that will act as a mechanism to support programs that are not maintained by federal or state funding. It is their goal that The Foundation will become a vital resource to help sustain the services that help people to achieve more fulfilling lives. Supporters of The Foundation of St. Lawrence NYSARC can help to build The Foundation through gift planning. Planning a gift is a worthwhile way to leave a lasting legacy. We recognize that it is a difficult choice and it is important to be informed about your financial goals while beginning the process of planned giving. Luckily, there are many options available to contribute a gift to The Foundation of St. Lawrence NYSARC. One will very likely fit both your economic and philanthropic interests.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Below is a listing of a few planned giving choices with brief descriptions. If you are interested in more information, please contact The Foundation of St. Lawrence NYSARC at for more information. Of course, we encourage you to fully discuss your options with your legal and financial advisors, as well.

  • General Donations: The most immediate way to contribute, through a gift of cash, which provides an immediate tax deduction for the donor.
  • Memorial Donations: A direct donation in memory of a loved one, friend or colleague.
  • Bequests: A contribution planned through your will that dedicates either a fixed amount (a certain percentage of the estate,) or a remainder interest. A bequest may reduce estate taxes for survivors.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities: A planned gift to The Foundation that provides the donor with guaranteed income for life, based on the donor's age at the time of the gift. A portion of the income is tax-deductible and the gift allows for a charitable gift tax deduction.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts: A planned gift that offers the donor a fixed or variable payment based on a set percentage. The amount of charitable income tax deduction is dependant on the amount of income paid to the donor.
  • Gifts of Life Insurance: A simple way to donate by naming The Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

The donor will receive a charitable tax deduction for fully funded policies. Gifts of Retirement Plans: The donor designates The Foundation to receive funds remaining at the end of his/her lifetime.

To learn more about The Foundation, please contact:

The Foundation of St. Lawrence NYSARC
1942 Old DeKalb Rd.
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 386-3529