Federal Contracts

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Federal Service Contracts


The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence operates two Fort Drum service contracts. These contracts consist of base-wide custodial services and the management of the Central Issue Facility and are set aside under the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act. St. Lawrence operates two federal AbilityOne janitorial and grounds service contracts. The contracts provide unique vocational training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Our employees interact with soldiers and civilians at Fort Drum on a daily basis. In conjunction with Fort Drum Contracts, Jefferson County also operates a janitorial and grounds keeping contract through the General Services Administration (GSA) at the Wellesley Island Border Station.

Central Issue Facility Contract

The Central Issue Facility (CIF) manages five warehouses for property accountability with an inventory of over 74 million dollars. Through record recording and keeping, the CIF also controls over 126 million dollars of clothing and equipment issued to the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division. The CIF provides customer service in a variety of forms to over 8,700 soldiers annually. The CIF also perform a variety of special missions related to turn-ins or issues associated with new Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE). This contract currently employs 29 people in total with 20 of them being a person with a disability.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Border Patrol

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Border Patrol; janitorial services in Massena, NY

Ft. Drum Custodial Contract

The Ft. Drum Custodial contract provides janitorial services to five Child Development Centers (CDC) and three physical fitness centers. Services are also provided to over 100 other facilities on Fort Drum that represent over 53 million square feet cleaned annually with an additional 4.5 million square feet cleaned annually in call-out services. In addition to providing janitorial services on this contract, the The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence also provides recycling services through the single stream program on Fort Drum. This contract currently employs 47 people in total with 78% of them being a person with a disability.

General Services Administration (GSA)

The General Services Administration (GSA); janitorial and grounds maintenance services with locations in Massena and Ogdensburg, NY

Massena Border Patrol Station

The US Customs and Border Patrol is responsible for 38 miles of International Border with Canada, 33 miles of which consists of the St Lawrence Seaway, and 5 miles of which is the first section of land border east of the Great Lakes. This five mile section also comprises the St. Regis Mohawk Native American Indian Reservation.

Massena Land Port of Entry (LPOE)

The United States Customs and Border Protection Station is the home to the Roosevelt Bridge and is a hamlet in the town of Massena. The LPOE Station is located on the northern tip of New York State and shares a border with the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The Rooseveltown station is within 100 miles of Montreal (the second largest city in Canada) and Ottawa (Canada’s capitol city.) St. Lawrence employees provide custodial, grounds maintenance and snow removal services at this location 7 days a week.

Robert C. McEwen U.S. Custom House

The Ogdensburg U.S. Custom House is the oldest Federal building still occupied and used by the government in the continental United States, and is of historic significance for this reason. The building was constructed in 1810 and is closely linked to the development of Ogdensburg and shipping along the St. Lawrence River.

St. Lawrence employees provide custodial, grounds maintenance and snow removal services at this location.

Wellesley Island Border Station Contract

The Wellesley Island Border Station provides janitorial services to over 12 facilities and also grounds keeping to the United States Port Authority at Wellesley Island. The other recurring services performed on this contract consist of ice and snow removal, recycling, and pest management. This operation runs seven days a week and currently employs three persons with a disability.

The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence provides management support to all federal contract sites consisting of one Federal Contracts Manager, two Project Managers, and one Administrative Clerk. These employees lead, supervise, and provide supports for those employed at each work site. This team also performs a variety of administrative functions needed to provide quality services as indicated in an agreement, commonly referred to as a Performance Work Statement (PWS) between the The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence and Department of Defense (DOD) personnel.

In addition, The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence has an extensive Quality Control Program that employs one Quality Control Manager and an Assistant Quality Control Manager as well as four Quality Control Inspectors (QCI) assigned to the custodial sites. In addition, there is one QCI assigned to the CIF contract and one CQI assigned to the dining contract. These individuals are trained to inspect the areas of work or task identified in the PWS to ensure that The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence employees perform to the standard established in the PWS.

These contracts provide unique vocational training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities through the AbilityOne program.

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