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The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence


       The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence

October 11, 2022

The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence (, announced that they are now offering Vocational Health and Recovery Planned Services (HARP) to assist people with disabilities and provide an additional resource to find successful, community-based employment.

Vocational Health and Recovery Planned services consist of Pre-Vocational, Transitional Employment, Intensive Supported Employment, and Ongoing Supported Employment. Supports and activities that may be involved include: Job Counseling, Benefits Planning, Employment Negotiation, Job Retention Strategies, Resume Writing, and Interviewing Skills.

“HARP offers a variety of supports to assist people to reach their job goals,” stated Lynn Pietroski, Chief Operating Officer. “Services range from basic job discovery to regular job coaching in the workplace and are directed to help a person remain at a job they love!”

People must be 21 years or older to join a HARP, insured only by Medicaid, and eligible for Medicaid managed care. Anyone unsure about eligibility should contact The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence’s Supported Employment department:

Pre-Vocational and Transitional employment programs are designed to last three to six months and develop the necessary skills to assist people on their chosen vocational path. Supported Services last as long as needed to find the right job match and help people maintain employment.

Highly trained staff members from The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence provide HARP services giving participants skilled implementation of these services, including assessments and person-centered planning.

The Arc Jefferson – St. Lawrence provides lifelong opportunities that enhance the lives of people, so that they may achieve their goals and aspirations. To learn more about the quality programs available, visit or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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About The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence:
The Arc Jefferson - St. Lawrence seeks to be the premier provider of services for people with diverse needs through the continuum of life.