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Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation Service - voting


Community Habilitation:


Community Habilitation Services are designed to promote independence and community integration by offering skills, training and other habilitation supports in non-certified community settings. Supports are started from our homes for those currently residing in our residential program. This offers a person-centered approach for those people retired from other day programs or for those who choose unique services with 1:1-1:3 staffing.

Our Community Habilitation Staff:

  • Work with individuals on a one-to-one basis, or in groups based on personalized interest.
  • Help individuals achieve the valued outcomes stated in his or her Community Habilitation plan

Examples of Some Valued Outcomes:

  • Teaching daily living skills
  • Teaching individuals how to travel using public transportation
  • Accompanying individuals to various places in the community to access services
  • Promoting independence and individuality among individuals
  • Promoting good health through exercise and nutrition
  • Teaching academic skills, money skills and telling time
  • Teaching individuals shopping skills
  • Teaching individuals how to exercise safety while traveling in the community
  • Volunteering in their community
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